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Young Mom Mimi

Hey there!

I am Hasmeyya, but you can call me Mimi.

You and I have something in common. Sometimes I look back to some crossroads in my life and wonder how things would be different now if I had taken a different path.

If you grow up in a conservative town, it’s impossible to go through life without having someone dictate your words, actions, and even how you should feel about certain things. In retrospect, the number of truly autonomous choices I made is so small that you can count them on one hand.

So in this tiny corner of the web, I intend to pour out all of my what is, what ifs, and what ought to be. If you ever find yourself smirking or cringing upon reading, here’s the good news: this humble blog is not for you!


About Me

I am Hasmeyya, 24, married, a new mom, and probably holding a coffee mug right now while musing on how my other self is living in the parallel universe.

I consider myself a ‘social introvert’, though some claim that it’s an oxymoron. Because I love my own company, and I can also function around people.

I also love gray, books, coffee, and my adorable son.

I’m known as “Mek” by my immediate family, “Mimi” by my relatives, “Has “by my childhood best friend, and “Hash” way back in college. So whichever you prefer to alter my real name is fine. You can even call me when you need me.